About Me

My name is Sahana Rajasekar and I am a Software Engineer at Pinterest. I am an University of California, Berkeley grad with a degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Since I graduated in May 2014, I have worked on both the web team and the monetization team at Pinterest. I am currently excited to be building full-stack solutions to improve the advertiser experience on Pinterest. In my free time I enjoy singing, cooking vegetarian food, and working on a variety of art and maker projects.


Web Development:

Maker Projects:

Other Projects:


Work Experience

Software Engineer
San Francisco, CA
June 2014 - Present
  • Working as a full-stack engineer on the ads team. I enjoy building excellent experiences for advertisers on Pinterest.
  • Prevously worked on the web team building front-end features.

Redmond, WA
May 2013 - August 2013
  • Software development engineer intern working on developing an extension for Visual Studio that allows developers to quickly localize strings into resource files.

Redmond, WA
May 2012 - August 2012
  • Worked as a developer with the Microsoft C++: Immersive 3D team.
  • Designed and created an Audio Editor Extension for Visual Studio.

Associated Students of the University Of California
ASUC Senator
Berkeley, CA
May 2012 - December 2012
  • One of 20 elected senators in UC Berkeley's student government, the ASUC.

Marketing Engineer Intern
Sunnyvale, CA
May 2011 - September 2011
  • Marketing Engineer Intern on OpenFlow, a new approach to software defined networking.
  • Worked on extending the open source code of OpenFlow to support OTN systems.
  • Coded in C to work on building a functional prototype.

Berkeley Institute of Design
Research Assistant
UC Berkeley
September 2011 - Present
  • Working on a project called Creative IT Research: Meta4explorer under professor Alice Agogino.
  • Developing and designing the front-end user-interface for the meta4explorer project.

Google FUSE Program Participant
New York
July 2011
  • One of 50 selected to attend the Google FUSE program.
  • Learned HTML5, Google App Engine, and App Inventor for Android.
  • Worked on a playlist sharing web and Android application called weDJ.

UC Berkeley
Lab Assistant
Berkeley, CA
Jan 2011 - May 2011
  • Help students during the lab section of the CS61A - "Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs" class.
  • Answered questions and explained concepts.


  • Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs (CS61A)
  • Data Structures and Programming Methodology (CS61B)
  • Signals and Systems (EE20)
  • Physics for Scientists and Engineers 1 (Physics 7A)
  • Machine Structures (CS61C)
  • Physics for Scientists and Engineers 2 (Physics 7B)
  • UC Berkeley Undergraduate Graphics Group (CS98)
  • Multivariable Calculus (Math 53)
  • Linear Algebra and Differential Equations (Math 54)
  • Undergraduate Graphics Group (UCBUGG)
  • Discrete Math and Probability (CS70)
  • User Interfaces (CS160)
  • Artificial Intelligence (CS188)
  • Operating Systems (CS162)
  • CS Theory (CS170)
  • Introduction to Micro Circuits (EE40)
  • Software Engineering (CS169)
  • Critical Making (CS298)

Programming Languages
Java, C, HTML5, CSS, C#, Python
Operating Systems
Linux, Mac OS, Windows
Google App Engine, App Inventor for Android, VirtualBox, LabView, Eclipse, Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint, GIMP, Cyberduck, Autodesk Maya, iMovie

Theta Tau
Professional Engineering Fraternity
Berkeley Innovation
Design Club in Berkeley Institute of Design
Delta Delta Delta
Sorority at UC Berkeley
California Golden Overtones
UC Berkeley's Premier Female A Capella Group
Dil Se
South Asian A Capella Group


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